My portfolio.                                                                                     Bambolina Chiara Moriconi

Literary Illustrations

The Rossettis


Before you read much about the Rossetti family, you get the impression of being "drawn into the circle", to quote from Dante Gabriel himself: my drawings result from a similar experience, for I started sketching the Rossetti family while writing my MA thesis. Once graduated, I felt I did not want to leave those characters to the pages of biographies and critical essays and began to collect a number of illustrations on their lives and poetry.

My aim has been to define each member of the group by exaggerating qualities and defects, trying to draw such characters closer to our everyday experiences: the exiled poet, Gabriele Rossetti, with his anxiety over household budgets, the poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, with his incurable laziness, the poet Christina, with her double personality, William Michael, and his self-sacrifice for the sake of the family. The sketches are inspired by poems and writings by all members of the family and try to establish with them all a net of intersemiotic connections, thus mimicking, in a deliberately ironic fashion, the main trait of Dante Gabriel’s work, namely the strong interconnection between word and image that governs his whole artistic production.

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" Picture and poem bear the same relation to each other as beauty does in man and woman: the point of meeting where the two are most identical is the supreme perfection."

- Dante Gabriel Rossetti