Who I am and what I do.                                                                     Bambolina Chiara Moriconi




I was born in 1985. My father's Italian and my mother's Spanish. I live in Rome where I studied Spanish and English Translation at La Sapienza University. I am now getting my PhD in European Literature. I have always loved drawing and painting, but the graphic tablet I unexpectedly received as a present a few years ago finally unleashed all the colors of my imagination. My love for drawing has been much influenced by my studies of literature, and many of my characters represent my favourite poets and their works of art.

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They say


" La magica arte di chiara, evoluzione post-moderna del disegno a mano libera "

" Your art style combines chibi anime with western storybook art. Very effective character designs. I love it. "

" Il bianco e nero di una pagina di un libro si illumina di colori grazie ai suoi disegni... Vi invito a scoprire il suo mondo poetico e colorato, ironico e magico... "

Exhibitions and Collaborations

02 january - 03 february

" I Bambini della Shoah ".
The exhibition "Children of the Holocaust" - organized by volunteer "Nuova Officina Onlus" with the "House of Memory and History" in Rome - is held in Sarno, in the province of Salerno, at the exhibition halls of the National Museum of Archaeology, Sarno Valley, January 2 to 27. More than forty artists, Italian and foreign, have contributed to the exhibition by donating works that tell - through a simple and universal language- the tragedy of the extermination of the Jewish children in Nazi concentration camps.

(watch RaiNews24 Video - ita)

08 july - 01 september

" I Rossetti: Storia di una Famiglia ".
A documentary exhibition of manuscripts, autographs and pictures that will help to rebuild and to delineate not only the family history of Rossetti, but also and above all, historical and artistic individual paths of the father Gabriele, born in Vasto, and his four children, born after his exile in London, that continued, each in its own way, to relate really or ideally with their homeland.
Closing balance of the exhibition with a boom in visitors (ita).

18 december - 14 january 2011

" I Rossetti a Fumetti ".
The exhibition is a tribute to the protagonists of the pre-Raphaelite season, through the innovative language of comics, which can illuminate the most revolutionary and unconventional aspects of their art and their life.